A holiday home in Cape Coral and then no boat … ?

Experience unforgettable moments in the waters around Cape Coral – the “Venice of Florida”. Glide to Sanibel Island with “your” sport boat, throw the anchor and enjoy sunbathing on the gently rocking waves of the Gulf of Mexico, or collect mussels and the legendary “Sanddollar” on the white beach of Captiva …

And with a little luck you will also experience free-living dolphins playing in your tail shaft up close …

Enjoy the secluded coves of Pine Island or ride a gliding trip to Fort Myers Beach – beach bars, restaurants and eclectic beach life await you.

Since different boat types are suitable for a Florida holiday depending on the size of the tour group and the boat lover, we are happy to help with the appropriate selection.

Sollten Sie einmal nicht selbst der Käptain sein wollen: Sie können über uns auch verschiedene deutschsprachige 1/2- und Ganztagesausflüge, Special-Events wie z.B. den Champagne-Sunset-Cruise und die Delphintour  buchen. Ein erfahrener Skipper führt Sie aus zu den schönsten Stränden, oder in eines der angesagten Waterfront Restaurants, während Sie die Fahrt über die Wellen genießen …

Meridian Charter- Villa Romantic Cape Coral

Yacht Wedding Florida. Get married on a luxury yacht off Sanibel Island. The wedding ceremony takes place on the yacht.
Ask about our wedding offers.

Photo Shooting. Rent “your” luxury yacht for your individual photo shoot for business or private!

Unvergeßliche Ausflüge (inkl. Captain) sind bereits ab $ 375 (ca. 4 Std.) bzw. $ 450 ( ca. 6 Std.) zzgl. persönlicher Verpflegung und anfallender Benzinkosten buchbar.

Charterpreise für Selbstfahrer (gültig ab Jan. 2021)

Charterdauer 24″ Axopar24″ Southwind 24″Hurricane SD24″ Searay SDX
3 days$ 1.099 $ 799$ 849$ 1.099
5 days$ 1.499 $ 1.199$ 1.249$ 1.499
1 week$ 1.899 $ 1.549$ 1.599$ 1.849
additional weeka/a a/aa/aa/a
Alle Preise verstehen sich zuzüglich 6.5% Tax | n/a : nicht verfügbar | a/a = auf Anfrage

In order to familiarize you with the boat and the waterways, a detailed boat and boating area instruction is provided by a licensed captain.

Minimum age at the begin of the rental 21 years. A boater license f.e as required in Europe is not required in Florida. Boaters born on, or after Jan.1st,1988, require a “Boating Safety Education ID Card” from the US authorities due to the legal regulations, which can be purchased e.g. online or on site.

Charterkaution $ 1.000.-  |  Bootseinweisung/Endreinigung : inklusive

The boats are covered by liability and full insurance. The excess in the event of damage amounts to $1,000 (= sum equals the amount of the deposit).

Die besonders empfohlene “Sea-Tow” Abschleppversicherung (ähnlich wie z.B. der deutsche ADAC für PKW´s) ist ebenfalls bereits im Mietpreis enthalten.

For more information on additional charter insurance and the possibility of skipper liability, please contact Hamburg Yacht Insurance Company Schomaker

*Availability provided / ** according to Sea-Tow price list